Board of Directors

Board of Directors and Terms*

Officers: Directors:
James Tendick, President, July 2018 Andrea Levy, Director, July 2018
Charles Laugen, Vice President, July 2018 Kirsten Lopez, Director, July 2019
  Susan Ulrich, Director, July 2018
Elena Snow, Secretary, July 2018 Sandy Badolato, Director, July 2019


*Terms of office are two years. Elections occur each summer.

Officers must run and be elected into their specific offices (the Board does not assign officers.) Directors are elected into their director positions, and the roles and responsibliities of each director are assigned by the Board and can be changed. Officers and directors may run for re-election to consecutive terms.

 Board Members by Area of Responsibility:



James Tendick, CFE
Vice President

Charles Laugen, CFE, CFCI

Elena Snow
Director - Training

Kirsten L Lopez, CFE

Sandra Badolato, CFE

Andrea Levy, CPA, CFE
Director - Membership

Susan Ulrich, CFE